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Caldera Hot Tub Accessories

Buddy's offers a variety of hot tub accessories designed exclusively to make your Caldera Spa experience more enjoyable and easier to use. There are typically a few items that are considered "must haves" depending on you specific backyard environment. Of course we include a durable insulated hot tub cover with the purchase of every Caldera spa. Other common access include matching steps, spa cover lifters, chemical feeders and handrails.

A spa cover lifter is an essential part of the Caldera Spas experience. With the leverage and design provided by a lift system, it’s easy to fold the cover back and quickly move it out of the way. Our spa cover lift systems are designed to integrate seamlessly with Caldera spas and can help minimize wear and tear on your cover.

Hot Tub in the SnowCaldera covers meet or exceed A.S.T.M. hot tub cover safety standards and are available in sizes to fit your specific model. Only the original Caldera spa covers have extra reinforcing to accommodate the ProLift series of cover lifters. Download the Caldera Cover brochure for more details..

Buddy’s offers both standard and custom replacement covers for all makes and models of hot tubs. Versions are available from standard grade to premium style covers, including the all new Smartop™ cover. Our “Standard” cover features a tapered 2 lb. density foam core and is sealed with a 4 mil. vapor wrap. The Deluxe cover adds strength and durability while the Ultra can handle event the heaviest of Baltimore’s snow loads.

The Smartop spa cover sets a new standard in spa cover design. This premium cover will not retain water, is durable and extremely strong. The cover includes a steel cable locking system and many components can even be repaired or replaced without the added expense of having to replace the entire cover.


Caldera ProLift Hot Tub Cover LifterThe ProLift attaches to both the cover and the cabinet and has built-in safety lock feature. Just lift, glide and fold away. This lift requires a 14” clearance.

Caldera ProLift II Hot Tub Cover LifterThe ProLift II lifter uses a single pneumatic gas shock for smooth operation. This lift requires a 24” clearance.

Caldera ProLift III Hot Tub Cover LifterThe sturdy ProLift III lifter has two pneumatic gas shocks to provide smooth, quiet operation. Shocks do the heavy lifting so very little effort is required – even on larger spa models. This lift requires a 24” clearance.

Caldera ProLift IV Hot Tub Cover LifterThe ProLift IV is a lifter designed for areas with limited clearance. For decks, gazebos or other tight spaces, this ProLift IV enables you to position the cover vertically just behind the spa. This lift requires only a 7” clearance.

Caldera Ecotech Hot Tub StepsSteps are essential for safe spa entry and exit. Our durable, matching EcoTech steps are made from the same materails used to construct the EcoTech exterior cabinet. Available in Coastal Gray, Espresso and Redwood colors.

Caldera Ecotech Hot Tub StepsThe 32” economical Polymer step is durable and made fromm light weight, recycled materials. Available in Coastal Gray, Espresso and Redwood colors.

Spa From For Caldera Hot TubsCaldera Spas are equipped with an integrated Spa Frog water care system. This provides a simple and convenient way to automatically sanitize your spa with proven technology. The FROG mineral cartridge enhances the effectiveness of the bromine sanitizer, which means you can keep the spa clean with less chemicals. This makes your spa water inviting and gentle on your skin and eyes. For spas that do not have the integrated system, Buddy’s carries a special version of the spa FROG system that can work with virtually any make and model. Spa FROG Video Link.